General Order Questions


Are there any hidden costs?


There are no hidden costs!  In fact, our pricing methodology is to encompass the product, setup, decoration, and shipping charges all into one price.   The “old way” of charging setups and additional colors per screen were very tedious and often confusing to some of our customers.  So we have simplified the process and offer all-in-one pricing.


Can I see what my design looks like on the product before I purchase?


Absolutely!  With the new technology we are using, there is no need to go through the hassle of sending us artwork, us reviewing it and creating a proof and sending it back to you for approval.  You will see your design on the products instantly.   Each product has the intelligence on what the constraints and production capabilities are, and your design will be production-ready.  So, you will actually be able to view your design throughout the order placing process. 


Is there a minimum order quantity I have to place?


This varies per product and decoration type.  All minimum order quantity's are explained on each product. 


Are my orders guaranteed?


Giving you the best possible service is our top priority.  With that being said, we have developed a 500% guarantee policy:


100% Printed in America

100% Commitment to Quality

100% On-time Shipping

100% Secure

100% Complete Satisfaction


Are your products compliant with government regulations?


In choosing our supply partners, a key focus in on product compliance.  All our supply partners are guaranteed to be compliant with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and all relevant safety regulations.  Additionally, they are all members of Quality Certification Alliance (QCA). 


Are there restrictions on what can be printed on my products?


We follow the best practice guidelines on what we will print on the products. If you are printing a registered trademark, we expect that you have the correct authority to reproduce the logos or imagery, and by placing an order with us, you are confirming that. We will not print nudity, profanity, vulgarity or racist slogans and reserve the rights to refuse orders that we consider inappropriate.



Can I get my order expedited?


Yes, we are able to provide expedited service.  We have a standard delivery service that is at no charge, but if you need it faster, we can get it to you in five days with an additional 10% charge, or three days with an additional 25% charge.


Can I ship on my own shipping account?


We have negotiated the very best pricing on your behalf to keep the ordering process for you simple and cost-effective. In order to help provide the best deal, we have included shipping in almost all final prices. 


What carriers do you use for shipping?


Standard shipping is included on all orders.  Our supply partners use major carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, and expedited shipping is available.  All orders are tracked, traced, and signed-for upon delivery for peace-of-mind.




Are my payments secure?


We utilize the leading party payment gateways like PayPal and Authorize.net to ensure all payment information is secure.


What types of payments do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards as payment


When does my payment go through?


Payment is processed at the time of purchase. Because everything is real time when an order is placed, the artwork is already approved, we go directly into production upon order placement.



Can I customize my design?


Yes, you can use our patented Artwork Tool technology provided to edit your design.  You can add text, shapes, and additional logos.    


If I want to remove my logo and upload a new image, what kind of file should I upload?


Your new website includes the leading, patented Artwork Tool. This technology accepts most file types including .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .JPEG and .PNG. By accepting many different file types, we make it really easy for you to order online, even if you don’t have the perfect file type.